Hévíz is the most popular settlement in western Hungary, and it is the most visited town in Hungary following Budapest. We may say with good reason that Hévíz is the stronghold of health tourism in Hungary, thanks to an exceptional natural thermal lake that can be found in the town. Furthermore, Hévíz also offers a variety of health promoting and medicinal treatments, out of which many therapeutic treatments can be considered as “specialties” of Hévíz.


Moreover, Hévíz awaits its visitors with another unique side that is worth discovering, which focuses on wine and gastronomy. Many high-quality wineries and restaurants of the town offer a bouquet of the region’s most characteristic wines, as well as the flavours of County Zala.

Main attractions:

  • Lake Bath
  • Dr. Vilmos Schulhof Promenade
  • Pedestrian Street
  • Museum Collection
  • Árpád-age Church
  • Holy Spirit Church
  • Calvinist-Lutheran Church
  • Heart of Jesus Church
  • Grave of the Roman soldier
  • Roman ruin garden
  • Taverns of Egregy

Program possibilities in the area

  • hiking opportunities in the Keszthely Mountains
  • boat trip on Lake Balaton
  • museum visit in Keszthely
  • bicycle tours
  • golfing
  • hot air ballooning
  • riding
  • fishing