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Treatments tied to an examination by a specialist



Specialist examination HUF 13 500
Check-up examination HUF 9300




Therapy / minute / price
4-chambered galvanic bath (10’) HUF 5400
Electrical bath (20’) HUF 5400
Carbonic acid bath (20’) HUF 6500
Sulfur bath (20’) HUF 6500
Mud bath (20’) HUF 7200
Underwater jet massage (20’) HUF 5200
Hydoxeur bath (20’) HUF 5,200
Aquajogging (20’) HUF 7500 - wellness
BALNEOTHERAPY treatment descriptions:
  • 4-chambered galvanic bath / Galvanic bath
    Hydrogalvanic or four-chambered galvanic bath treatment. The patient’s 1-2 or even all 4 limbs are immersed in a so-called limbic tub, or even the full body is immersed in a tub filled with water. The electrodes are installed in the walls of the tub. The treatment is conducted with a combination of hydrotherapy and galvanic current, while the plastic tub is supplied with direct current. Mainly used for the peripheral circulatory disorders of the limbs or the residual symptoms of inflammations, the method can be effectively used to treat the disorders of the hands and feet as well as previous neuropathic pain.

  • Carbonic acid bath
    The domestic spa facilities have been regularly employing carbonic acid bath treatments for decades, mainly in the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases and for the treatment of post-infarction conditions. Carbonic acid baths are great at facilitating post-fracture recovery and the treatment of all forms or diseases where the intensification of circulation has a beneficial effect on recovery. Carbonic acid baths are also a great way of preventing and treating arthritis. Due to its circulatory stimulating effect, carbonic acid baths can be beneficial in treating all forms of lower limb and waist sport injuries – sprains, strains, fractures and muscle injuries – and for facilitating recovery, yet it is also recommended for the treatment of athletes to boost breathing depth and lung capacity.

  • Sulfur bath
    Through the application of bathing cures, the sulfur is absorbed through the skin, reducing blood pressure and curbing inflammations while also being integrated into the cartilage. This can be highly effective for the treatment of rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases, abrasion conditions and for the treatment of gynaecological diseases. When inhaled, it has a vasodilating effect, improving the blood supply of the heart. It also helps reducing mental fatigue.

  • Medicinal mud bath
    The beneficial effects of mud baths include detoxification, reduced inflammations, mitigation of pain, the curing of certain skin conditions and the treatment of various gynaecological conditions. The treatment is not kind to bathing suits and is not to be confused with medicinal mud packs.

  • Underwater jet massage (Tangentor)
    The Tangentor treatment produces soft tissue vibrations that stimulate blood and lympathic circulation, thus stimulating metabolism. The treatment can ease tensions, refresh the body, relax the muscles and facilitate skin renewal. It also has a painrelieving effect. It improves local circulation and also boosts metabolism. The mechanic effect has an effect on blood supply as well as lymphatic circulation, which can result in the elimination of lymphoedema. Its other key physiological effect is the improvement of muscle tone. Indication for underwater jet massage: The main indication area is the soft tissue surrounding inflamed joints as well as the muscles along the spine. It is applied for peripheral blood and lymphatic disorders, post-operation treatments, condition improvement as well as to eliminate general bodily fatigue.

  • Hydoxeur bath
    The modern version of the underwater jet massage. It has a circulatory stimulating, muscle relaxing and stress relieving effect. The air bubbles artificially generated in the bath produce a turbulent stream of water that massages the entire body.

  • Traction bath The traction bath is an underwater treatment aimed at distancing the vertebrae of the spine in order to extend the spinal column. The stretching allows restoring the original, healthy state of the intervertebral discs. Traction bath is entirely painless as the buoyancy of the water produces a relaxed state of the body, while the weights very gently stretch the spine.

  • Aquajogging / HydroPhysio
    The device’s treadmill is similar to other land-based devices, yet in this case, it is placed in a tank filled with water. This device also has a screen that displays speed and other information, yet in a waterproof design. Even when taking slower steps, one can feel how motions are limited due to the weight of the water – it feels like weights are tied to the legs. The HydroPhysio running tank allows regulating the depth of water. Higher water levels are always recommended for beginners as this provides greater stability. As the user gradually becomes more accustomed to the exercise, it’s recommend to gradually decrease the water level.



Ultrasound (10’) HUF 5500
Interferential current (10’) HUF 5500
TENS (10’) HUF 5500
Diodynamic (10’) HUF 5500
Magnetic therapy (10’) HUF 5200
Shockwave therapy (10’) HUF 6500
Low-level laser therapy (10’) HUF 6200
Cold air stream cryotherapy (10’) HUF 5200

ELECTROTHERAPY treatment descriptions:

  • Ultrasound treatment
  • Ultrasound is mechanic vibration. The tissues it passes through can take over this vibration. This is what is known as micro-massage. The vibration (mechanical energy) of the tissues is partially converted into thermal energy, the tissues are warmed and their circulation is improved, which leads to the intensification of recovery processes. The warmth also has a muscle and tendon-loosening, pain-relieving and vasodilating effect. Therefore, the treatment employs countless beneficial effects of ultrasound: its micro-massaging mechanical effect; its thermal effect, which entails the warming of tissues, enhanced blood and lymphatic circulation and the stimulation of curative processes. Additionally, it improves the supply of oxygen and has a vasodilating effect.

  • TENS
  • T.E.N.S is an acronym standing for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. The purpose of the treatment is pain relief through electrical impulses that are forwarded through the skin to the nerves with appropriately adjusted electric impulses. The TENS treatment is a great medication-free alternative form of pain relief for chronic conditions such as lower back pain or inflamed joints.

  • Interferential current
  • With the use of four electrodes and two currents, the body is charged with medium frequency electricity. The approx. 100 HZ frequency created through the crossing of the two frequencies has a major physiological effect on the area being treated. This can be successfully employed to treat sprained joints, muscle pain, degenerative joint and spinal complaints and paralysis.

  • Diadynamic
  • Diadynamic is a therapeutic method used in electrotherapy during which the treatment is applied with closely regulated times and voltages of electricity as well as various forms of electricity. The therapeutic procedure usually consists of two components, galvanic current as well as pulsating direct current. This is applied for the localized treatment of muscle pain, sprains, bruises, joint and intervertebral disc abrasion thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect, yet its use also facilitates the loosening of the connective tissue and reduction of haematomas and oedemas.

  • Magnetic therapy
  • This treatment can be applied for degenerative disorders, muscle weakness and stiffness as well as for the posttreatment of injuries. The therapy is based on the physiological effect of pulsing electromagnetic fields, which enhances bone production. As it doesn’t heat the treated body part, it can be superbly applied in the case of metal prostheses implants.

  • Shockwave therapy
  • Shockwave therapy is a modern and effective form of treatment during which a special applicator is used to issue rapidly spreading soundwaves into the painful parts of the body. The shockwaves deeply spread throughout the tissues of the body and have a pain-relieving effect on the area to be treated. When absorbed in the tissues, shockwaves induce anti-inflammatory processes, therefore significant pain relief can be achieved through the treatment. The shockwaves trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms, stimulating metabolic processes and accelerating circulation. The treatment eliminates the real cause of pain and thanks to its application, the tissues gradually regenerate until final recovery is achieved.

  • Low-level laser therapy
  • Low-level laser treatment is a physiotherapy method. It is noninvasive (which means that is a treatment that does not penetrate the surface of the body) and entirely painless. Lowlevel laser improves the regeneration of ligaments, nerves, tendons and muscles, accelerates circulation and quickly reduces inflammatory processes while mitigating pain. After injuries, laser therapy can accelerate the regeneration of the connection between nerves, thus reducing the time required for the nerves to recover. It boosts the signals forwarded through the neurons, which generally improves the function of the nerves and muscles. These two processes explain why laser therapy is so effective in mitigating the symptoms of nerve injuries (acute pain, numbness, tingling, burning sensations).
    rheumatology, sports medicine, orthopaedics:
    • soft tissue, muscle, tendon, joint inflammation and pain,
    • contracted conditions, tennis elbow and stiff shoulders

  • Cold air stream cryotherapy
    • Cold air stream therapy or cryotherapy, consists of directing cold air onto a certain, well defined part of the skin surface.
    • It involves an actual, cryo therapeutic treatment that has an anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and muscle-loosening effect, thanks to which it can be used for muscle therapy and for injuries of the skin surface.

  • A useful solution for a number of indications
    • Acute and chronic locomotor (musculoskeletal) pain
    • Inflamed joints and tendons
    • Bursitis
    • Tendosynovitis
    • Myositis
    • Fibrositis
    • Muscle tension, muscle injuries
    • Neck injuries, e.g. whiplash syndrome
    • Bruises, contusions, sprains
    • Improving the mobility of rheumatic patients and reducing the stiffness of joints
    • Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic polyarthritis
    • Neurology – reducing spasticity (e.g. SM or postapoplectic spastic hemiplegia)



Medicinal massage (20’) HUF 7500
– Dry individual physiotherapy (20’) HUF 6000
– Complex neck-shoulder-back manual therapy (40’) HUF 11 800

MECHANOTHERAPY treatment descriptions:

  • Medicinal massage or medical massage is a massage treatment prescribed by a physician. The treatments are applied by a medicinal masseuse with a therapeutic aim, as prescribed by a specialist.

  • PHYSIOTHERAPY Dry individual physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy has outstanding significance in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases since low-exercise lifestyles – which have become an endemic disease by now – often impede health conditions, which can be greatly supported by physiotherapy.

  • Shoulder – leg mobilisation
  • During the individual, customized treatments, our skilled physiotherapist helps patients learn and master exercises that are important for their treatment, which they can subsequently perform in their own home. The goal of the treatment is to restore damage to the spine and joints, improve the condition of the muscles and correct posture.

  • Complex neck-shoulder-back manual therapy
  • Manual therapy is a special, diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that focuses on musculoskeletal pain, acute and chronic conditions and the natural treatment of their consequences. During manual therapy treatment, the therapist applies individual, mobilizing techniques to ease stiff muscles with limited mobility, thus improving their function and reducing pain. Manual therapy is not performed by a chiropractor, but rather by a skilled, certified physiotherapist.



Medicinal mud pack (20’) HUF 7800
Medicinal packs (20’ – 60’) HUF 6200
(Sulfur, Ritex, PCP)
HUMINO pack (60’) HUF 6200

BALNEOTHERAPY treatment descriptions:

  • This is a special Hévíz treatment. The combined peloid mud harvested from the peat basin of Lake Hévíz (containing 80% inorganic and 20% organic material) is used for curative purposes. Its mineral content, thermal resistivity, radioactivity and other physical properties makes it perfect for treating various musculoskeletal (rheumatic) or other gynaecological conditions as well as for the post-treatment of various injuries.

    • Sulfur pack
    • Sulfur is a basic element of tendon tissue, skin and other related structures. Joints require a regular supply in order to ensure their proper function. Additionally, the various components of the skin also require the presence of sulfur. Sulfur has an immediate anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect on joints. Additionally, it plays a key role in the structuring and regeneration of joint tendons. As a pack, it is applied on “frayed joints”.
    • Ritex pack
    • The treatment intensifies deep tissue circulation, producing a deep warming and muscle-loosening effect. It is mainly applied for acute lumbago, yet can also be used for other muscle spasms (cramped muscle tension).
    • PCP pack
    • Its anti-inflammatory effect is applied in the form of a pack when the joints are in an inflamed (acute) condition. The camphor content of the product partly cools the inflamed body part, while facilitating the deeper integration of active ingredients.

  • Humino pack
  • The treatment uses a liquid Humino solution. During the so-called cold pack treatment, soaked cotton wool is applied on various parts of the body, mainly on major joints. Due to the pain-relieving, antibacterial effect of the Humino treatment, it has an antiinflammatory effect. It is highly suitable for the treatment of burn injuries, inflamed muscles, joint pain, sprains, surface skin injuries and rheumatic pain.

  • ECG (without medical findings report) HUF 3200
  • OMRON body composition measurement with evaluation 40 min HUF 8800
  • Evaluated factors: Body fat %, Basic metabolism %, Body weight, Skeletal muscle %, Visceral fat %, BMI. The indexes provide insights in the fitness – health condition of the body.
  • Blood glucose measurement 500 Ft /session
  • Blood pressure measurement 500 Ft /session
  • Individual physiotherapy 20’ HUF 6,000
  • Individual aquatic aerobics 20’ HUF 5,800
  • Complex neck-shoulder-back manual therapy 40’ HUF 11,800
  • Aquajogging 20’ HUF 7,500
  • Medicinal mud massage 30’ HUF 11,800
  • Sulfur bath 20’ HUF 6,500
  • Medicinal mud bath 20’ HUF 7,200
  • HUMINO medicinal pack 60’ HUF 6,200
  • Cold air stream cryotherapy 5-5’ HUF 5,200

Therapeutic package offers

Therapeutic packages tied to an examination by a specialist:


About our cures
– 1 specialist examination
– 4 treatments
Price: HUF 41 200
Minimum amount of nights: 3 nights


1-week medicinal cure
– 1 specialist examination
– 6 treatments
– 10% discount from the Lake Bath entry fee
Price: HUF 53 500
Minimum amount of nights: 4 nights


2-week medicinal cure
– 1 specialist examination
– 12 treatments
– 1 specialist check-up
– 15% discount from the price of a Beauty service
– 1 3-hour entry ticket to the Lake Bath
Price: HUF 86 800
Minimum amount of nights: 8 nights


Maxi medicinal cure
– 1 specialist examination
– 30 treatments
– 2 specialist checkups
– 15% discount from the price of a Beauty service
– 2 3-hour entry tickets to the Lake Bath
Price: HUF 138 300
Minimum amount of nights: 14 nights

Medicinal packages not tied to an examination by a specialist:


Preventive cure package contents (HUF 25,600):
– 1 medicinal mud bath 20 min
– 1 back massage 30 min
– 1 individual physiotherapy 20 min
– 1 HUMINO medicinal pack 60 min


Preventive cure package contents (HUF 28,500):
on 1 occasion
– OMRON body composition measurement with evaluation
– Blood pressure measurement
– Essential oil massage 30 min
– Medicinal mud bath
– individual physiotherapy 20 min