Spa treatments

Classic massages     PRICE LIST


Swedish Massage 20’
The classic Swedish massage includes foot and back massage done with a neutral cream.
We recommend it for those who are new to massage. 5500 HUF


Aromatherapy Massage with Essential Oils 30’
This treatment includes a gentle massage with essential oils. The oil (aromatherapy) massage is suggested for physical, emotional and mental regeneration and for improving well-being.
30-minute aromatherapy massage = includes the thorough massage of the legs and the back – it is not recommended in case of varicose veins in the legs.
(It is a treatment done with refreshing, calming, relaxing essential oils – depending on the guest’s choice). 8500 HUF


Full Body Massage with Grape Seed Oil 40’
Grape seed oil massage rejuvenates the skin, improves circulation in the skin surface, therefore, it has cleaning and detoxifying effects. Grape seed oil successfully prevents cell ageing, helps to keep the skin young and fresh.
The 40-minute grape seed oil massage includes the massage of the full body (excluding the massage of the face-cleavage and the stomach). 11 200 HUF


Intense Full Body Massage 50’
A chance for complete relaxation and recreation.
Massage for the entire body. It reduces the feeling of tiredness, relieves stress and loosens muscle spasms. Treatment with massage oil containing nourishing vitamin E and argan oil. (It does not include face -cleavage and stomach massage) 13 600 HUF


Massages for certain Body Parts, Special Massages


Refreshing Foot and Leg Massage 20’
Pampering massage for the legs. It promotes blood flow in the legs and the muscles, tendons and ligaments are loosened. The feeling of tired legs will be gone. This treatment includes massaging the muscles of the feet and the lower legs with a skin softening, foot care balsam. 5600 HUF


Back Massage 30’
The aim of the back massage is to loosen the muscles of the back, neck and the lower back and to improve blood flow in these areas.
This massage includes massaging the whole muscle system between the hips and the head. 8600 HUF


Foot Reflex Zone Massage 40’
There are tens of thousands nerve endings in your feet. By massaging and stimulating them, the whole body can be affected, i.e. the central nervous system, blood circulation and metabolism can be stimulated as well. Reflex zone massage strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and relieves stress. 9800 HUF


Massage with Medicinal Mud 30’
During this massage, which includes the massage of the upper body, the guest’s body will be covered with medicinal mud from Hévíz which will be spread on the skin while massaging the body. Our guests can not only welcome a renewed and refreshed body but they also can enjoy the effects of the medicinal mud being rich in minerals. 11 800 HUF


Manual therapy is a specialized, diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that deals with the natural treatment of musculoskeletal pain, acute and chronic lesions and their consequences. During manual therapy, the therapist releases rigid muscles that are narrowed in movement with unique, mobilizing tricks, thereby improving function and reducing pain. Manual therapy is not performed by chiropractic but by a qualified, qualified physiotherapist 11 800 HUF

In vino veritas – Red Wine Bath 20’
When relaxing in a pleasant bath enriched with spices, oils and honey, our skin is revived and becomes visibly younger. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine during the bath in order to enhance its beneficial effects; it is highly recommended for the lovers of red wine. 5600 HUF


Aromatic Harmony 20’
This bath includes a scented bath with herbs accompanied by a cup of delicious herbal tea. A relaxing atmosphere is ensured by the aromatherapy candles. 5200 HUF


Medicinal Mud Bath 20’
Detoxification, alleviation of inflammation, pain relief, curing certain skin diseases and treating gynecological symptoms are the benefits of mud baths. This treatment does not spare the bathing suit and it shall not be confused with medicinal mud wraps. 7200 HUF

Special Massages – Rituals


Vital Foot Massage – with herbal extract 50’
A treatment offering complete relaxation during which the foot massage is accompanied by a herbal foot bath. 13 900 HUF


Eastern Bamboo Massage 40’
Bamboo massage is one of the most exotic treatments. During this massage, plant-based oils and bamboo canes of certain sizes for each part of the body are used in order to ensure proper pressure. Bamboo massage reduces energy blocks in your body. It promotes blood flow and helps the lymphatic system in the entire body. It reduces muscle spasms. Due to special motions and tools, deep muscles can be massaged as well. 12 500 HUF


Magic of the East Massage Ritual 60’
The fabulous spicy oils of the East will bring you a special meditative state of mind. This ritual includes a pampering full-body-treatment carried out with herbal pindas and hot spicy oils. The full-body-massage done with hot herbal pindas is a tradition coming from the ancient Far East. In order to increase comfort, the massage therapist relaxes the body, treated with the pinda, with hot spicy oils and slow stroking motions. 15 300 HUF


Our Special Spa Offers

Treat your Significant Other and Yourself to our complex services offering an unforgettable experience!


Black Gold 50’
During this massage, which includes the massage of the upper body, the guest’s body will be covered with medicinal mud from Hévíz which will be spread on the skin while massaging the body. Our guests can not only welcome a renewed and refreshed body but they also can enjoy the effects of the medicinal mud being rich in minerals. At the end of the treatment, the effects are combined with mud bath.
(20 minutes of mud bath , 30 minutes of massage with medicinal mud from Hévíz) 16 500 HUF

Private Spa 60’
Unforgettable pampering for you and your significant other in a room specifically designed for this massage. Before the oil massage, you may enjoy a glass of champagne or a glass of wine during an aromatherapy bath with rose petals.
(30-minute bath for couples + 30-minute aromatherapy massage for couples) 19 900 HUF / 2 persons


Vital Luxury Day Spa 120’
It is a complex luxury package. Real pampering which beautifies you from head to toe, gives you energy and makes you feel completely renewed!
(20-minute Hydroxeur aromatic bath, 60-minute Magic of the East Massage Ritual, 40- minute Luxury Beauty treatment) 26 900 HUF

Cavitational fat breakdown

Cavitational fat removal is a completely customizable slimming procedure in which permanent and targeted toning can be performed on the most problematic parts of the body, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and upper arm. Only the excess disappears from the desired places, from which we do not want to, from which we will not lose weight. The treatment is especially effective in guests with a thicker fat layer, because it can also be used to access fat cells deeper. Proper fluid intake is very important for the success of treatment!

Treatment can be used

  • Toning
  • For skin tightening
  • To remove cellulite
  • To reduce fat pads
    Body areas for district reduction



BBS Cavitational Fat Breakdown Abdomen 30 minutes   15400 Ft
BBS Cavitational Fat Breakdown Thigh 30 minutes   19900 Ft
Cavitation (20min) + Radio frequency (20min)


Radiofrequency skin tightening


Firming – Anti-wrinkle

The radio frequency increases the metabolism of the cells by heating the connective tissue at a depth of 5-15 mm, causing the collagen fibers responsible for firmness to pop together, resulting in an immediate firming effect. The treatment is excellent for tightening wrinkles around the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth, increasing the elasticity of the skin during body treatment, and it can also be used for draped firming. The treatment is coupled with a significant feeling of heat!


Effects of treatment:

  • instant visible result
  • pain-free
  • spectacular improvement even with short-term treatment
  • pleasant feeling during treatment



BBS Radio Frequency Anti-Wrinkle-Firming Facial Treatment 40 minutes 19900 Ft
BBS CLEAVAGE FIRMING 20 minutes 9800 Ft




Besides special treatments, our beauty department offers classic cosmetic facial treatments both for the younger and the older generation.
Dirt is removed from the face skin of our guests during each facial treatment, thereby making their skin soft and healthy and enabling their skin to breathe.
We are happy to help you with choosing a facial treatment! Ask our expert for an initial skin check that is provided free of charge.


Classic Face Massage 16+ 25 minutes 6200 HUF
It reduces stress and has a calming, relaxing effect. Massaging the face muscles also helps to maintain the flexibility and elasticity of tissues. It improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, enhances physiological processes of the connective tissues, promotes fibre formation thereby slowing
the process of ageing.


An intense facial treatment with the DNA extracted from salmon eggs to fill your wrinkles. The high-quality ingredients are absorbed quickly and they produce their effects in that skin layer where they are needed the most. This treatment is not recommended for oily skin.
During the treatments, natural, bio, organic mud is used which has an extreme rejuvenating effect, especially in case of heavy, loose skin. The skin becomes beautiful, healthy and vibrant after use. Its effect is enhanced by the gentle face and cleavage massage carried out with essential oils. Immediate hydration is taken care of by a hydrating and wrinkle filler cream mask which helps to reduce fine lines and it may make the skin look younger, fresher and more radiant.




60 minutes 13 900 HUF
The anti-ageing serum with hyaluronic acid and natural plant-based ingredients provides the skin with extra hydration and elasticity. The serum, administered into the layers of the skin with ultrasound, improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles and enhances the immunity of the skin. The special pink clay wrap contributes to cell regeneration greatly and fights premature ageing effectively. The face and cleavage massage done with shea butter enhances the natural rejuvenating and renewal processes of the skin. It has pleasant surprises for all skin types and generations.



30 minutes 8200 HUF
Rejuvenates and recovers sensitive skin around the eyes. It contains minerals and cucumber extract which refreshes the skin, refines the lines and reduces puffiness around the eyes resulting from lifestyle and tiredness. It is recommended for all skin types. We suggest this treatment as a supplementary treatment.




50 minutes 14 900 HUF
Enjoy the muscle stimulating and skin toning effect of this special face massage.
This treatment makes the skin firm and beautiful with the help of garden herbs, fruit and sweet almond.




ROSE DE LUXE MANDALA RITUAL 25+ 60 minutes 18 900 HUF
Enjoy an exclusive, luxurious experience through the special cell-renewing, regenerating and beautifying effects of the Damask rose. This treatment’s specialty comes from the rose quartz and rock crystal used during the ritual which ensures a unique experience. This treatment is completed by a special massage technique and a nourishing cream wrap. It is recommended for all skin types.


60 minutes 22 700 HUF
Feel the fresh ocean on your skin. Actively hydrating, ultrasound treatment for ensuring ideal hydration for the skin. It protects the skin from dehydration and extreme weather conditions throughout the entire day, it promotes the natural immunity of the skin against premature ageing and fine lines.


• For dry and extremely dry skin.
• Upon seasonal changes and when being under extreme stress.
• After flights.
• During pregnancy and after giving birth.
• Before and after plastic surgery procedures.



60 minutes 27 700 HUF
A real luxurious treatment. The skin is completely renewed. The face skin is filled and toned, the wrinkles are gone and their depth is reduced. The skin becomes soft, nourished and naturally radiant, it recovers its flexibility and elasticity and its natural weight. It is recommended for guests who are looking for a highquality, effective treatment for the first visible signs of skin ageing. It is recommended for both women and men.




DERMATECH PEN 30 + 60 minutes 19 500 HUF
DERMATECH PEN is an ultra-invasive micro-puncture device having 36 automatic micro-needles that carry out regulated micro-punctures on the skin in order to increase collagen production and improve the absorption of active substances.


• Safe, quick and effective technique
• Nearly painless procedure and quick recovery
• The treatment can be personalised depending on the skin type and needs.


No-needle mesotherapy is deservedly the most popular cosmetic treatment in the whole world. Reasons why it is so popular: effective and impressive results can be achieved with these treatments, a large amount of active substances is supplied to the skin, it is not painful and several skin problems can be successfully treated with mesotherapy.
Which problems can be treated with mesotherapy?
-toning loose, droopy skin
-rejuvenating the skin
-scars left behind after pimples
-lightening pigment spots
-large pores

You may choose from the followings:
– face:15 500 HUF
– face – neck: 18 200 HUF
– face – neck – cleavage: 19 900 HUF




The duration of major treatments and cleanses depends on the condition of the skin. Ask our expert for an initial skin check that is provided free of charge.


Skin cleansing which meets all expectations both in case of normal and combined skin. Blackheads, pimples, shiny skin? There is a solution! Have perfectly pure face skin thanks to this treatment. Troubled and oily skin requires thorough care.


It is recommended for guests with normal or combined skin. The aim of this treatment is to remove dead cells from the skin. It promotes cell renewal, as a result of which, oxygen supply is improved.


CLEANSING 30 minutes 7200 HUF
Mechanical cleansing, it can only be requested as a supplement to 60-minute treatments (except for facials with facial treatment machines)




Lash tinting is a painless and permanent treatment resulting in more emphasised and beautiful eyelashes which can serve as accessories on their own.


With eyebrow tinting, the eyebrow can be shaped so that it will suit the shape of the face, it creates a frame for the eyes and improves the arch of the eyebrows.
Besides giving an emphasised shape, the colour of the eyebrows will be emphasised as well. Eyebrow tinting makes your look more beautiful.


If you are about to have your eyebrows tweezed for the first time or if you would like to have your eyebrow arch fixed, we will take care of that! When the eyebrow arch and shape, suiting your face shape, is designed, it will be easy for you to
maintain it!


WAXING – For ladies
Unwanted body hair is removed with the help of cold or hot wax.
– Upper Lip: 1500 HUF
– Underarms: 3200 HUF
– Bikini Lines: 3800 HUF
– Half Legs: 6600 HUF
– Full Legs: 7500 HUF
– Arms: 3500 HUF


Our hotel not only offers high quality traditional wellness services but, at the same time, also provides many opportunities for our guests as a prevention and recreation centre. However, our treatments not only serve preventive purposes but a wide variety of traditional Hévíz treatments is also available, whether it be physiotherapeutic treatments, medicinal massage, and hydrotherapy or weight bath.

The so-called hydro rider, which is a special underwater bicycle, functions as an effective therapeutic device. Nowadays, this instrument get more and more popular in hydrotherapy. The hydro rider, besides being a device excellently applicable in physiotherapy, it can also function as a unique way of personal training.

The weight bath is a real “specialty” of Hévíz, it belongs to the traditional medical treatments. This treatment focuses on stretching the spine and lengthening the space between the vertebrae. Since the body gets into a reasonably relaxed state in the water, the treatment can be carried out in the gentlest way possible.
In addition to our therapeutic treatments, beauty and fitness services are also available.